Distinguished freemasons from around the globe integrate the board of directors of SOGLIA:

Otis SaulsberryPresident
GM Otis T Saulsberry (USA)

Calin Cosar
Vice President for Europa and Africa
GM Calin Cosar (Romania)

Aref Chaiddy
Vice President for Middle East
GM Aref Chaiddy (Lebanon)

Craig Mitchel
Vice President for North America
GM Craig Mitchel (USA)

Ricardo Saliba Urbano
Vice President for South America (Brazil)
GM Ricardo Saliba Urbano (Brazil)

Gilmar Valentim Camargo
Vice President for South America (out of Brazil)
GM Gilmar Valentim Camargo (Brazil)

Julius Armstrong
Grand Chancellor
GM Julius Armstrong (USA)

Honorary President Ad Vitam and Cofounder
Weston Jarvis (USA)



Guillermo Urquizar CarrascoHonorary President
GM Guillermo Urquizar Carrasco (Chile)